Where fresh scented grass meets an open shore, magical things can happen! And believe it or not, we’ve witnessed the magic ourselves at none other than Rixos The Palm, Dubai. This intimate garden wedding really was a sight to behold. 

The ‘to-be-achieved’ look was quite a mixture of themes, and came together perfectly: The floral decor was kept traditional, the table decor more modern and relating to the beach, and the favors giving a very quirky touch. Samar and Angel wanted their theme to shine through the type of decor in relation to the venue chosen, more so than the colors used alone. 

The round guest tables wore piercing white overlays and we used head-to-toe, white tiffany chairs to help complement them. As for the VIP tables of close family and the couple, we placed brownish-gray table runners on them. These and The Wedding Haven‘s very own bamboo table numbers gave a bit of earthiness in the otherwise cool table scape. We placed a round mirror in the center of all the tables for a start. And on top of them were scattered seashells and decorative starfish. The main centerpieces were a set of three, long glass vases filled in with sand, topped with candles, seashells and lovely, little blue stones. It was a very refreshing and nautical affair! 

White O’hara roses were placed generously all over the ceremony arch, which we also used as a backdrop for the head table during the reception dinner. The truss used on stage was a large group of downward-flowing white roses. The volume of flowers gave an illusion of a classic, floral ceiling for the stage. 

The couple wanted to ensure that after a long evening of partying and celebration, that their guests felt taken care of, so the favors we prepared made absolutely perfect sense, in sync with their sentiments!  The guests were given hangover kits, which also came with nostalgic candies from the couple’s childhood! And for an extra bit of love, we set up a bowl of colorful heel stoppers for the ladies, no amount of glam shall stop one from having fun! 

Our groom wore a traditional evening tail suit, accompanied with a light grey waistcoat and a red tie. Our bride really captured the princess bride look with her ballgown dress, jeweled hair comb, and floor grazing veil. Her bouquet was of cascading white orchids.

What the couple was looking for with regards to the venue was a versatile space, that could carry well the themes that would occur. Rixos The Palm’s Beach Lawn contended as the best choice with its outdoor garden space, which sat right next to the beach. The ceremony was held right by on a space surrounded by serene looking palm trees. The fresh sea breeze blowing away, the soft sound of romantic latin music playing, and the lovingness in everyone’s eyes as they watched two people come together in harmony as one, all of it made the perfect evening.