This styled shoot has to be one of our absolute favorites. Albeit we went a bit overboard with the colors and the DIY elements, it just goes to show that sometimes that little extra does actually made a huge difference!

The venue we selected for this shoot was the Park Hyatt Dubai. This little hidden gem offers a tranquil retreat inspired by the Moorish palaces of old. Landscaped gardens and flower-draped courtyards provide the perfect setting for intimate weddings.

We wanted to be a bit creative with the tablescape this time around. So instead of going for the usual shades of white as the primary colors, we decided to base our theme on dark colors. Think black, navy, purple. And to add some contrast, we meshed it with bright pinks, lavenders, and greens. One of our main goals was to show our brides not to be afraid of using dark color schemes for their wedding palettes. If done properly, having a dark base will only enhance and bring to life all the other elements of the wedding.

The highlight of this shoot’s tablescape has to probably be the DIY champagne glasses. This was a project on its own, but oh so worth it! It involved painting, layering, and believe it or not baking the champagne glass Yes. Yes we baked those glasses! And the result – unique, one of a kind champagne flutes that brought all the colors together. We also wanted to play around with different textures. So we added crinkly table covers, velvet ribbons, marble show plates, and acrylic customized name tags. Together with the gorgeous selection of bright flowers and vases, we successfully managed highlight each and every design detail.

A huge thanks to Monica Hernandez for bringing out our bride’s natural beauty with her amazing makeup and hair styling skills. And to Vanila Boutique for so generously helping us select a wedding grown that fit the overall vision we had for this shoot. Party Social, who provided us with those amazing marble show plates, and The Party who customized the acrylic name tags. Both these elements gave us the WOW factor that simply transformed our styled shoot. And last but not least, those flowers. As always Blossom Tree Dubai just exceeded our expectations with their floral design!