The Wedding Haven is now planning and coordinating weddings in none other than Bali, and boy are we excited!

42664095_10156234584422663_8095987222378971136_oKnown for its versatile environment, Bali will attract couples looking for a city feel, as well as those looking for some tranquility. So what better place to celebrate the harmonious coming together of two people, than on an island where a rich, ancient culture and modern day ideas pleasantly coexist?

Bali shows itself to be one of the most appreciated places to visit at present day. Known for its versatile set of environments, Bali is able to accommodate the crowded city lovers towards Seminyak, and the ones yearning for a tranquil stay of solitude can head to either the north or west coasts, and even the central mountains of Ubud.


To experience the heavy artistic influence of the majority Hindu population of Bali, head to Denpasar and for surfers or budget travelers, Kuta would be ideal. The diversity that Bali presents sincerely captures a harmony that we’ve never really known before.

Let us guide you through some general things you might need to know about planning a destination wedding in Bali.

  1. Peak travelling season is July through August, New Years’ (December to start of January), and during Easter Holidays.
  2. Bali is on average nine hours from Dubai, by plane. This can extend to anywhere between 12-16 hours if it’s a connecting flight, stopping sometimes at Kuala Lumpur, Changi or even Jakarta. The prices for flights obviously vary according to season, but the range can go from AED2000 up to AED9000.
  3. As for the weather, a wedding held anywhere between April through June would be most fit, just missing the heavy rainfall season as well as getting done before the extremely warm season to come after.
  4. And lastly, Bali’s resorts and hotels offer a wide variety of packages accompanied with unique forms of venues; pristine outdoor chapels to openly luxurious villas to even simple classic ballrooms!





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